Screenshots of AiM

Maintenance Request System

AssetWorks is a huge software solution that is used to improve efficiencies and processes of organizations through specialized modules for various areas of need. The university bought the Asset and Inventory Management module and use it as a ticketing solution for plant operations. The products UI was not intuitive, and users had to complete 36 form fields in order to submit a request. Using PHP and contacting directly to the backend database, I was able to create a maintenance request system that allows users to quickly submit request as well as see the progress of their approved work orders.

  • Fields: Web Design, UI Design, Application Development
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Screenshots of KSU Mobile

KSU Mobile App

Kennesaw State University’s first mobile app was developed by me and my team. It leverages our extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript utilizing Framework7 and Cordova to pull of this major feat. The app pulls in existing data and content from APIs across the camps as well as integrates with some new one like Leaflet for mapping. The app will sterically be launched for the Fall 2018 semester.

  • Fields: UI Design, App Development
Screenshots of Acalog Integrations

Acalog Integration

The university uses Curriculog by Acalog to hold the university’s undergraduate and graduate catalogs. Using the API provided by Acalog, I was able create a cron job to pull all courses with descriptions and store them on the main university web server. From there, I developed a script that will allow the content to be pulled onto the site via a snippet with the CMS.

Screenshots of Data Integrations

University Directory Data Integration

The university’s directory holds contact information for all faculty and staff on campus. Utilizing a XML dump of the entire directory, I was able to leverage it to aide in displaying this information on faculty pages within their CMS. For the main university CMS, I was able to pull this data into the site via a snippet while allowing users to add additional information to each person.

Screenshots of CAS Theming

Authentication Theming

Having your brand stay consistent when users go to login to systems is an expectation of the user. Authentication technologies come in many different flavors, but I was successfully able to theme both Gluu and SimpleSMAL for the institution. Check out this theme in production for Gluu and SimpleSMAL.

Screenshot of Admin Portal Student Inform

KSU Student Inform

This quick solution allows faculty and staff a place to message students daily about important information and upcoming events taking place on campus. The system allows an admin to moderate induvial posts.

Screenshots of Moodle Theming

Moodle Theming

Theming open-sourced application can be tricky due to the nature of how upgrade work. Moodle is no exception to this. For the main university’s Moodle instance, I created a simple “KSU” theme that is modular in design and can be updated when new features come out for the application.

Screenshot of WebChechout Theming

WebCheckout Theming

When it comes to third-party theming, you never know what languages, structure and architectures you might have to quickly learn. WebCheckout is very uniquely built out from using a proprietary language to how the server caches all HTML-like include files. The theme had to be built and tested on a test server where I would have the ability to continually update the server cache.